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Principal vs. Principle DefinitionsUsageReferencesPrincipal, which can be used as an adjective or noun, conveys the meaning of "primary" or "chief." For example, there may be "principal tasks" (adjective use) that an employee must see to before others, and "schools have principals" (noun use). Principal also has an alternative meaning as a noun. It can refer to the "chief part" of a loan — i.e., not the interest — as in, "Apply the extra $50 in this month's mortgage payment toward the principal." Meanwhile, principleis only ever a noun that refers to a rule, law, or gen…See more on diffen.comRetirement, Investments, Insurance | Principal › individualsDigital investing with a human connection. Principal ® SimpleInvest provides a personalized investment mix, ongoing rebalancing, and professional guidance when you need it.. Get the details

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